My 5 Favourite Healthy Snacks

Chocolate Banana Faux-yo
Chocolate Banana Faux-yo

I’ve decided to share a few of my favourite healthy snacks which definitely help me curb my cravings on a daily basis. The most wonderful time of the year (and also the most fattening) is around the corner so hopefully this will help keep you in line!

Turkish Figs & Cheddar Cheese

This is one of my favourite snacks. It’s sweet and savoury… The figs have good dietary fibre and the cheese has protein, the perfect combo! Sometimes I switch it up and have dates instead of figs, both are delicious. I buy the individually packaged cheese portions at the grocery store because they are easy to pack for lunches and prevent over-eating.

Greek Yogurt

I love greek yogurt. It’s pretty much froyo and often does the trick on curbing my ice cream cravings. My favourite flavours are coconut and vanilla. I buy them in portions rather than in tubs to keep my portion size correct… Thing about greek yogurt is it is so delicious you may wind up eating the whole tub, then having the hugest stomach ache ever because 1.) it’s dairy 2.) it’s very high in protein. I often add regular oats, chia seeds, flax seeds, hemp seeds or berries for added protein and fibre.

Chocolate Banana Faux-Yo

This is one of my favourite desserts (sometimes I even eat it for breakfast!) It’s super easy… All you have to do is chop up and freeze bananas, add almond milk, cocoa, a small handful of oats and blend it up! The consistency will be identical to froyo and it also tastes amazing too! I often top it with cocoa nibs or hemp seeds.

Salt & Pepper Cucumbers

Yum, yum, yumm! This is the most refreshing snack! I go easy on the salt and heavy on the pepper.

Celery & Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is the closest I will get to nuts. The problem with me having nuts in the house is easy snacking on what I call domino foods. Domino foods are high in calories and easy to eat meaning you can exceed portion recommendations by a long shot. For example, the proper portion size for almonds is 23 almonds (this is 1/4 cup or the size of a shot glass). The celery and peanut butter combination is great because it is protein, fibre and greens!

I hope this helps brighten your lunches & curb your cravings!

Xo Zo

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