DIY: ReinBeers

Happy Holidays!

If you’re like me this is one of the most wonderful times of the year because it gives you a solid excuse to watch all those Christmas movies you secretly watch all year round…

Reinbeers are one of my favourite holiday crafts to make. They are adorable gifts and very impressive! This year I got my boss for the office’s Secret Santa and found out he was a fan of Stella Artois so off to the craft store I went… Aka Dollarama (you can seriously get everything there!).

photo 1 (1)
Including glue guns! $3.50

I also picked up the other craft supplies needed to craft these guys. By the way you don’t need to be Martha Stewart to make these, it took me a total of 45 minutes and it was super fun!

photo 2 (1)

Here’s what you’ll need: brown fabric or felt, pipe cleaners for antlers, googly eyes for eyes and fuzz balls for noses (don’t forget a red one!)

photo 5

Cut the fabric in long strips to fit around the top of the beer bottle. Once you’ve glued this on, let it dry and add the features: antlers, eyes and noses. This guy was my favourite because I accidentally ran out of small googly eyes:

photo 1

Once you’re finished place all of your little reinbeers back into their sleigh and away you go!

photo 2

Feel free to email me if you have any questions:

Good luck :),

Xo Zo

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