Five Things Friday: January 26th

Hi Friends!

I hope you all had a lovely week and are enjoying following along on my blogging adventures. Here are some of the highlights from my week:

Blue Mountain

Last weekend I headed up to Blue Mountain for a weekend away from the city with Steph, Dan & Effy. We had a great weekend full of laughs, snowboarding, hot-tubbing and relaxing. I hadn’t been snowboarding since my teens and I was surprised at how well I adapted and how the day went! The time away from the bustling city was just what I needed after the bouts of nervousness I faced in regards to my Visa application process; however…

My Italian VISA

Friends, I got it! 😀 Words can not express my gratitude and relief for this. My dream and goal of becoming fluent in Italian is one step closer! In just a few days I will be getting off of a plane in my favourite city in the world: Rome. Thank you to all of you for your kind wishes and motivation in this process. Next Friday I am excited to say I will be writing you from Italia.

Quiet Time in The Beaches

The Beaches is one of my very favourite neighbourhoods in Toronto (and the world). It is on the very East side of the city of Toronto and yes, it has beaches! My amazing friend Manesha and her beautiful family live here. I had the pleasure of staying with them for a few days this week. Our time was spent walking, exploring, cooking, laughing, drinking insanely-chocolatey hot chocolate and talking, talking, talking – all about life’s most wonderful experiences. So very grateful for this special time and for the meaningful friendships in my life.

My Red Plaid Pyjamas

I only own one pair of pyjamas. I own a few nighties, but only one pair of actual top-and-bottom pyjamas. I previously wore a black satin pair of button-up PJs I purchased from Oysho in Barcelona over the Summer, but late last week I tossed them into a warm wash by accident and they came out much smaller (whoops)! I gave them to my friend Manesha and I picked out a new pair of comfy Ralph Lauren PJ’s from The Bay, downtown Toronto. These were an amazing scoop! They are incredibly soft and comfortable and we’re marked down to only $30 – I LOVE them!

The Ability to Let Go

This week a very common theme was letting go. Letting go of how well my application was filled out for my Visa, the outcome of what would show up in my passport, what YouTube would think if showed my most vulnerable photos and took my makeup off in front of the camera, old, worn-out thoughts and limiting beliefs. The truth is they have no place here in 2018. This is the time of leaping out of comfort zones and letting go of outcomes. Worrying is only *trying* to Manifest poor outcomes – when you think of it like that, you’ll practice doing whatever it takes to let go of the thoughts that no longer serve you. Let go and be free.

xx Zo


One thought on “Five Things Friday: January 26th

  1. $30 for those pj’s ?!?! Totally getting a pair!
    Loved what you said about how worrying is essentially expecting bad outcomes. Great way to frame it and use that image to change it.
    As always, thanks for being inspiring along with being a warm person and showing your vulnerability and your strength. It’s what brings the magic 🙂