Five Things Friday: February 2nd

Hi Everyone!

I hope you had an amazing week 🙂 I am happy to say I am writing you from Roma today! Here are some of the highlights of the past week:

I Met One of You!

On Saturday I had a meet-up in Toronto with one of my amazing subscribers: Dayna! Dayna is such a wonderful and inspiring person and I’m so happy YouTube brought yet another amazing friend into my life (hint, hint for anyone out there thinking of starting a channel). We had lunch at The Hogtown Vegan on Bloor (highly recommend) followed by mani-pedis at one of favorite hidden gems of the city, Spring Nails and then coffee 🙂 all-in-all it was a perfect day! Thank you Dayna, for making the trip to come visit me and for the memorable day.

For those of you wondering meets ups are something I only do with my Patreon community. There are a lot of perks! You can join here.

Arriving in Roma

My heart is so full. Rome truly is the city of my soul and I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again, it feels as if my soul was always here and it was my body that had to catch up with it. The pursuit of a dream is so special. It is not easy, but it is so fulfilling. I can truly say I am feeling the most fulfilled and open to whatever life as to offer now that I have returned to my soul. Do you have any predictions for what this year may hold for me?

My Soul Sister!

This is my beautiful soul sister & best friend, Anastasiya! Many of you may already know her from social media or from our adventures on the Amalfi Coast and/or in Puglia. The day this photo was taken was my first full day back in Rome.

There is a funny story I want to tell you about this day: Ana and I are currently on the hunt for a flat and I truly believe we have manifested our dream space (We will find out soon so cross your fingers for us)! That morning we received rejections from all of the apartments we were inquiring about for the past week. One after another, after another the rejections rolled into our inboxes. Luckily, the owner of one space offered to meet us at 4PM. We realized to make it to the viewing on time we had to literally run down the street for about 10-15 minutes. Imagine us: boots and purses and coats, sprinting down Via Del Corso 🤣 Great times! We were laughing, but inside so nervous the gentlemen would leave, luckily he said he saw my red coat from a few hundred metres away and decided he would give us a chance because clearly, we were ambitious about it! Wish us luck 😋

Strong like Colosseo If you have been following along with my 2018 Goals or “Goal Digger” series on YouTube, you would know one of my goals is to get into the BEST shape of my life for 2018. I am so grateful to report I have been getting slaughtered by an amazing gym here in Rome for the past 2 days. The classes I have attended have been the hardest workouts of my life, but also the most fun. I feel more motivated than ever! 💪🏼

Take it Easy Last night Anastasiya gifted me with a session from our Life Coach. It has been a while since I had spoken to him as I have been flying by the seat of my pants for the past 3 months – my sister Jenn’s wedding in Mexico, sleeping on my friend’s couches and settling in at my parent’s house trying to plan out my “Grande Futuro” for the year ahead.

Mr. Coach reminded me to take it easy, to slow it down. Immediately he was able to pick up on my hyper energy and reminded me that life itself is the moments that are savoured.

I believe I have been on such a powerful momentum chasing the dream of returning back to Roma (which was somewhat needed), but now that I am here I need to take the time to relax into it. To feel present: Wake up slowly, make my morning espresso how I love to, gaze out the window at my Italian neighbours bustling in the streets, taking time to write my thoughts in my journal…. etc. Let this be your reminder to savour some special moments this weekend. Those moments after all, are your life.

xx Zo