Five Things Friday: February 16th

Ciao Friends!

Or should I say “Bonjour!” I am actually writing you from Paris today. This week has been amazing and eventful. Here’s what I got up to:

Ciao Colosseo!

I can never pass up an invitation to rediscover my favourite city! On Saturday my wonderful friend Elyssa (@Romewise) invited me to explore the Colosseum. This wasn’t my first time here (I do have a video of that if you would like to check it out!) but it never ceases to amaze me. The Romans are and always have been incredible people. I am always inspired when I think of the things they accomplished so long ago. Have you ever visited the Colosseum?


Content Day

On Sunday my amazing friend Sofie ( came over for one of our “Content Days.” These are days when we bust out multiple videos for YouTube! It’s always fun (and funny!). We already have a couple of videos up from our day including “10 Italian Foods That Don’t Exist in Italy” and “North Americans Try Italian Tongue Twisters!” These days are awesome because they remind me of one of the wonderful gifts youtube has given me: Friendship! It blows my mind I’ve only known Sof since June – it feels like I’ve known her forever!


Vatican Visit

This was a week of Roman history! All thanks to Elyssa 😊 On Monday I went from school, to the gym, to the Vatican (I can’t believe I can even say that!) Pinch me! Elyssa is definitely what I would consider an expert on the city of Rome (visiting or living). She has tons of fantastic information on her blog, especially on how to explore Rome best ( which is how we visited the Vatican with minimal lines!) Above is a photo of “The Nile.” Look at the details… There are no words, it is stunning. I think this is one of my favourite pieces of art in the Vatican.


Made it on TV!

No, not YouTube streamed on television, actual television! This photo is a Snapchat screenshot from one of my friends. Noah and I were featured on the Viralist on “The List” for our taste test video of 13 of Mexico’s HOTTEST Hot Sauces! You can find the article following up the show here 😊 I’m curious, did you see it in real-time?


Bonjour Kygo!

As mentioned above I am writing you from beautiful Paris, France! If you were following along with the 12 Days of Christmas on YouTube, my gift to Cheryl (@nonstopparis) was tickets to Kygo! We had the best “Galentine’s Day” EVER! Kygo played an amazing show and had multiple special guests. If you get the chance to see him on his “Kids In Love” Tour, I highly recommend it.

xx Zo