Five Things Friday: March 23

Hi Friends!

I hope you have all had a great week. From Rome to Amsterdam, here’s what I got up to:

Spa Day!

For my birthday in December Anastasiya gifted me with an Organic Facial Treatment from Hotel De Russie. Hotel De Russie is exquisite – “A tranquil 5-star oasis where modernity and heritage beautifully align.” Just walking through the front doors and noticing the seasonally-changing centrepiece you feel as if you are transported to a world of art and luxury (perfect for manifesting the “grande futuro.” 😉👌🏽 So! After finally getting settled back into Rome and landing our new flat, it was time for a belated birthday trip and a girl’s day at the spa! The treatment was amazing and still has my skin feeling soft and glowy ✨ You always forget how good spa treatments are until you get them and wonder why you don’t go more often 😝 For more visuals on this trip don’t miss today’s episode of Zoey’s Diary!

I became a Raw Pastry Chef!

Yes, can you believe it!? I, Zoey Poulsen made that beautiful creation above… and the best part is it tasted absolutely delicious! 😍 On Saturday I was invited to attend Grezzo’s Raw Pastry Class with Patrizia Romeo (@Patrizia_Rawmeo). Grezzo Raw Chocolate is my favourite place to satisfy my sweet tooth in Rome as everything is raw, vegan and made with top ingredients. This day was packed full of fun and chocolate! 😊🍫 For more visuals on what I created you can find them on Instagram or in today’s episode of Zoey’s Diary!

A Visit to Fontana Di Trevi

Rome has been raining for almost 4 weeks straight ☔️ It’s been quite sad to be honest… When it rains in Rome it pours, and makes it quite unbearable to go outside. Although I have left my home and had some great highlights in the past few weeks my craving for sun and warmer weather has left a slight feeling of lack 😔 Fortunately one evening the rain stopped and the sky cleared; this was my time for a manifestation walk! 🤗 I took my journal to Fontana Di Trevi. I reminisced about the little girl who previously sat here scribbling into her journal, eating pistachio gelato (melting faster than she could manage), making wishes and dreaming of a future in Rome. That was me almost 6 years ago… Sometimes we can get so caught up in the journey; wether it be “too much rain,” the sink not draining, almond milk being overpriced, etc. We forget to feel gratitude for the world we have created for ourselves. Instantly after placing myself in the setting I once dreamed about and thought back on each of the times I had visited I was able to notice and feel the transformations I have endured as a young woman. I am grateful. When I picked up and left I was feeling as abundant as I would have if it had been a sunshine-filled summer in Rome! ☀️ Don’t forget to remember your journey and feel gratitude for the person you have pushed yourself to become ❤️ Be proud of you.

Reunited in Amsterdam

This photo is from Wednesday, our first day in Amsterdam! We are here for VidCon Europe. It was so great to get reunited with my great friends from Paris: Cheryl, Jay & Farrah (not photographed). We all met for an Aperitivo at SkyLounge on top of the Double Tree Hotel. The view was stretching, granting us a stunning view of the city and the sunset – inspiring! That is my favourite way to enjoy the first evening in a new city, I believe it sets the tone for a #grande trip! I am so excited to see what the weekend holds. I will be posting daily videos for my Patreon community, you can join here 😊

Here Comes The Sun!

It was originally supposed to rain, but yesterday we were granted with a beautiful day of sunshine in Amsterdam! I love this city. I feel like I could definitely, and would definitely want to spend an extended period of time here. Wether it be 6 Months or a year… or more. It’s on my list. 😉 There’s something so charming about the canals, the bikes, the beautiful homes 🌷… it’s one of those places you that instantly transport you. Have you ever visited Amsterdam? Did you feel the same way?

xx Zo