Five Things Friday: April 20

Ciao Friends!

Today I am writing you from Bellissima Roma! The sun is out and expected to hit 27 degrees today ☀️ I couldn’t be happier about it! Here’s how this past week has gone:


Do you guys SEE that!? BRAVISSIMA! So many of you have been asking how school is going and that pretty much sums it up. I am having the best time learning Italian, it is a sparkling highlight in each day 😊 I have an amazing teacher who I have been practicing one-on-one with three times per week. Piano, piano… soon I will be where I want to be, but as you know we must all enjoy the journey 👟👟


Parco degli Acquedotti

On Friday evening I had the pleasure of watching the sun go down at Parco degli Aquedotti (Aqueduct Park) 🌝 This park is part of the Appian Way and it is absolutely beautiful. My mind is consistently blown with what the Romans were able to accomplish. As you can see primavera is most definitely here! The greenery is so lush – I remember looking at it and thinking it was so vibrant it didn’t even look real. 😍🌿


Shooting with Gioielli Dop

This Monday Sof and I had a #Grande time shooting for Gioielli Dop Jewelry here in Roma! ❤️ I am so excited to share the finished photos with you all because they were so much fun to create! 😄 We shot in some of my favourite places around Rome, including La Casetta di Monti, which is a cafe covered in green ivy. You can find more behind the scenes images and videos on my Instagram highlights.

The Glow of Possibilities

It was supposed to rain all week, but Mother Nature or Mama Roma changed her mind… there is nothing more beautiful than the glow of the Roman sun. If you know me well then you know I am a being of the sun – When the sun is out I have endless energy to share 😊 This has been the case this week and it has attracted multiple opportunities to me, opening up my realm of possibilities ✨ The future is unclear, but it is unclear because I have a lot of bubbles surrounding me… 😉


I Have Been Learning A Lot

As I have been expressing to you over the past few weeks I have been facing consistent challenges (which I am incredibly grateful for) 🙏🏼 Never in my life thus far have I ever found myself transforming so rapidly and learning more and more each day. I can’t say it’s “easy” or necessarily “preferable” but in hindsight these bumps in the road are allowing me to become stronger each day. It feels like I am a butterfly in a cocoon or a handful of clay on a pottery wheel. The Universe is preparing me for something… Things are spinning and changing so rapidly I have no choice but to keep up. There’s no quitting here, there’s no backing down there is only perseverance. I am forever grateful.

xx Zo


One thought on “Five Things Friday: April 20

  1. Caro Zoey, ora mi stai facendo valanga. Sei incredibilmente ispiratore. Considerando una coda di cavallo samurai (Zlatan) tra l’altro. Bellisima, adoro soprattutto i tuoi capelli e il tuo naso. La lista continua. Come già sapete, sei una bellezza scandinava classica. Sempre bella. Ingrid Bergman ecc. Sono pieno di riverenza. Le emozioni positive massimizzate sono totalmente affascinanti. Tu sei molto più avanzato di me. Sono pronto a volare. In effetti, sto già volando.
    Sto solo dilettarsi in Google Translate, naturalmente. D’altro canto, il mio interesse a imparare è autentico. Verbi irregolari, pronomi e preposizioni sono sempre una lotta. Le note d’amore sono probabilmente uno dei modi migliori per imparare una lingua. Una sorta di petroglifi simili alla mente. Guardi un sacco di film italiani?
    Hai trovato un ambiente ottimale per scrivere quel romanzo?
    Buon venerdì!
    Sono felice sei felice !!
    Tuo 4ever, P