Five Things Friday: April 27

Ciao Friends!

I hope your week has been abundant 😊 From Italia to Jordan, here are my highlights:

The Perfect Day

On April 21st Roma celebrated her 2,771st Birthday! The city was alive and the sun was extra vibrant. It was one of those days you wish could never end because life feels better than a dream. Everyone was out and about in the streets absorbing all of that Vitamin D and celebrating the birthday of our beloved Roma! She offers us so much love each day she deserves the best birthday. I hope I look as good as her at 2,771 😉


Ladies Night!

The Perfect Day continued as us blondies 👱🏻‍♀️👱🏻‍♀️👱🏻‍♀️ spent the evening admiring Roma from above at the Sofitel Hotel. This was my first time visiting this rooftop and now I can understand why this is one of Elyssa’s favourites! 🧡 If you didn’t know Elyssa is the inspiration and wisdom behind “Romewise” – a website with anything and everything you could ever want to know about Rome and visiting this beautiful city. 📍 We spent the evening admiring the golden sunset painting the city of Roma and we talked all about life and our hopes and future adventures ✨ Salute to big dreams and the best of friendships! 💛


Flying to Jordan

Just hours before heading to the airport Anastasiya and I were upgraded to Business Class for our flight to Jordan ✈️ The morning started off busy as most mornings before a flight are (for me anyways 😉) and Anastasiya said, “Zo, I think we’re going to be flying first class. Are you sure we’re economy?” I responded with yes, after checking the tickets again. Shortly after that we received a kind message saying we had been upgraded. Coincidence? I think not. This is just a little story of how friends can co-manifest 😋 What are you and your friends hoping to upgrade soon? Dream big!


A Magical Day

Yesterday I was blessed to visit The Baptism Site, The Jordan River, Mount Nebu and Madaba. The photo above is the Jordan River and Israel 🇮🇱 The energy in this area was so calming and peaceful 💛 I am so grateful to be here. I can’t exactly find the words to explain, but my heart feels so full. 😊


Meeting the Duke & Duchess

I had the most incredible evening on Thursday night here in Amman, Jordan. We were invited to the house of the Duke and Duchess for a dinner party. This was the most magical dinner I have ever attended. There were endless conversations from the heart about Jordan, life paths, adventure, intuition, and more. One of those evenings that has a lasting inspiration and affect on your life. I am so incredibly grateful for the kindness of the Jordanian people and to the Duke and the Duchess for inviting us into their home on only our second day in the country. 🇯🇴

xx Zo


One thought on “Five Things Friday: April 27

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    Buon venerdì!

    TLC, P