Five Things Friday: May 4

Ciao Friends!

Hello from Jordan this Friday. It has been an amazing week exploring this beautiful country. Here are my highlights:

Discovering Ancient Roman Ruins in Jerash

I love it when I can find little pieces of Rome scattered amongst the world – wether it be in Verona, Umm Qays or here in Jerash I never get tired of seeing what the Romans were capable of so long ago. It feels as if I am putting together pieces of their exciting, yet mysterious lives… Personally, I think they had the help of aliens 😜👽… But regardless, they were so incredibly intelligent. What are your favourite Roman ruins? Is there somewhere else I need to visit?


A Night on Mars

On Sunday night we stayed in the Martian tents in the Wadi Rum Desert. This was such an amazing experience – from the sights –  to the vibes – to the kindness of the people, this was an unforgettable experience. We spent the afternoon and evening 4x4ing through the desert, then finding a place to watch the sunset. In the evening we had a Zarp feast which means that the food cooked on a rack in the ground for 4 hours (these were the best potatoes and carrots of my life, but don’t tell my Dad). Once the stars began to come out we stargazed through a giant telescope and were able to see the moon (much more clearly of course), Jupiter, Polaris and some clusters of stars. It was incredible.



The week started off great exploring Petra. The photo above gives you a glimpse through The Siq at The Treasury. Seeing The Treasury in person was truly stunning – it glowed just as you can see in the picture. I cannot wait to share this travel diary with you. For more from Petra and my time in Jordan so far, don’t miss out on my Instagram Highlights!


Rest & Relaxation at The Dead Sea

Now THIS is the order you need to plan your trip to Jordan – Dead Sea POST Petra because let me tell you how much walking, hiking and climbing (24KM) around Petra takes a toll on you (even for someone who visits the gym regularity) 😜 On another note, this trip has allowed for a lot of time living in the now. Being able to spend some time resting and relaxing has allowed me to reflect on my life and what I wish to change about myself and my life moving forward. Every day grants us a new beginning so it is important for us to allow ourselves to grow and reach new levels each day 🙏🏼


Tea in a Bedouin Tent

There is so much happiness in the simplicity. This morning I was lucky enough to experience tea with a local-to-Feynan Bedouin family in their tent 🌿 The family has been living this way for over 100 years; in a tent within the mountains of Wadi Feynan. We were welcomed so warm-heartedly on our walk-by 💛 We spent the morning drinking tea with them and learning (as best as we could) about their lifestyle. These are the kind of moments that bring so much joy to my heart I felt and still feel as though it could burst. I will treat you to a couple extra photos this week just because these moments were so special to me:


Ali, my new friend and behind us, his grandmother


Ali’s toy car, made out of a sardine can, nails and bottle caps


The view from their home


I hope you find beauty and happiness within “the simple things” this week.

xx Zo


One thought on “Five Things Friday: May 4

  1. Mi sto solo esercitando su avverbi e aggettivi:
    Lei è BELLA.
    Lei è ADORANTE.
    Lei e `MAGNIFICA.
    Lei è (cheer)LEADER.
    Lei è ADDICTIVE.
    Lei è EROE.
    Lei è ROCKER.
    Lei è RIBELLE.
    Lei è FELICE.
    Lei è POSITIVA.
    Lei è una stella SPLENDENTE.
    Lei dà il SIGNIFICATO.
    Lei alza lo STANDARD.
    Lei provoca DESIDERI.
    Lei provoca (viaggiare) BRAMA.

    Sono sempre sbalordito dalle tracce romane in Scandinavia. Prendi Gotland. La storia sociale ed economica del Canada è una delle più intriganti. Un po ‘senza documenti. È una tipica storia fantastica che merita di essere raccontata correttamente.

    Impressionante e l’amore incondizionato!
    Si ottiene l’assegnazione ingombrante come il mio allenatore stile di vita.

    Hai completamente guadagnato questo!

    TLC, P