Five Things Friday: May 11

Happy Friday Friends! 😊

From Jordan to Italy it’s been an amazing week. Here are my highlights:


A Magical Day with New Friends

My last full day in Amman, Jordan was pure magic (I mean the whole trip was magic, but it’s like the Universe didn’t want me to forget it!). Photographed above is Khaled, Hiba, myself and Anastasiya, we had an unforgettable breakfast at Shams el Balad. The kindness of everyone I met in Jordan will stay with me forever and I can’t wait to go back and visit. After breakfast we visited our friends at Travel One and then went to Hana Hassan’s home for a wonderful and very magical surprise – BUT you’ll have to wait for my travel diaries to find out more 😉


Downtown Amman

Amman has a vibe and a #grande one 🤩 I love everything about this city – the ancient ruins, the people, the white houses, the call to prayer, the markets, the fresh sugar cane juice, the palm trees, the spices, the smells – I could go on, but I think you get the point! ☺️ I am so grateful to have been able to be in a place where I consistently found myself immersed in the now. Nowhere else, but right there wandering through the streets with my friends in downtown Amman. What is this life 😮? Something truly wonderful. 😊✨


Blinkist Book of the Month: Daring Greatly

What does vulnerability mean to you? To me vulnerability has given me confidence, meaningful friendships and the ability to connect with my audience. In the past however, vulnerability was terrifying (although, at times it still is)… it’s sort of like jumping out of a plane (even though I haven’t done that yet 😋). I see working up to the jump like figuring out the words you need to speak to be set free, jumping is being brave enough to take action and the free-falling is the relief you feel from speaking your truth and setting yourself free…

I have chosen to highlight this book because as we are about to break into the new season of Summer next month I think everyone could benefit a little by taking more responsibility for their lives. Some ways to do this include: speaking your truth, striving for authenticity and sharing your thoughts in moments you may normally find yourself shy. Brene’s book has inspired me to do this. Set yourself free from whatever holds you back; it’s empowering. 😊

Have you read or listened to Daring Greatly? I think you should. 📚

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Buon Compleanno Anastasiya!

On Monday, May 7th we celebrated my beautiful soul sister Anastasiya’s birthday at Hotel de Russie. We had a wonderful lunch in the garden full of great conversations with great people 😊🌸 What more could you want from life?


New Hair!

I’ve had this specific change on my mind for a long time… but if you’ve been following me you know I have trust issues when it comes to my hair! Luckily the famous Massimo from Noi here in Roma came highly recommend. He chopped off a lot more than planned, but I think he’s earned my trust! 👍🏽 What do you think? 😋

xx Zo


2 thoughts on “Five Things Friday: May 11

  1. Grande settimana.
    Grande respirazione.
    Grande relax.
    Grandi creazioni.
    Grande mese.
    Grande anno.
    Grande l’anno prossimo.

    Grande rispetto.
    Grande stima.
    Grande fiducia.
    Grande confidenza.
    Grande realtà.

    Amore Grande.❤️
    Grande autentica amicizia femminile.
    Complimenti per il tuo nuovo taglio di capelli, tesoro!
    Signorina, hanno completato il visto per l’autunno?🇮🇹

    Sono estremamente vulnerabile sia fisicamente che emotivamente. È una questione di competenza = abilità e conoscenza. Io uso quattro aree: (1) fisica, (2) mentale, (3) sociale, (4) spirituale. Lavorare sulla competenza sociale. A mio modesto parere, sembra essere un juggernaut, bella.