Five Things Friday: May 18

Ciao Amici!

I hope you all had a lovely week 🙂 Here’s what stands out to me from this past week:


I had the most amazing Saturday with these ladies above: Brigitte & Elyssa. We had a total girls day which was much needed and talked all about life and our future plans. It was so refreshing 😊 I am so grateful for all of the friendships that have come into my life since moving to Rome. I see these special friendships as a type of validation I am on the right path, “Your vibe attracts your tribe.” I have the best tribe 💛


Don’t you forget it

How beautiful is this view? Although the photo does it zero justice you are looking right at the dome of the Pantheon. I am still so in love with this city and every time I visit a rooftop and witness the breathtaking views I can’t help but always think back on how once upon a time this was all just a dream. May you never forget the dreams you once had that you made come true for yourself – the thoughts and ideas you turned into manifestations. There is so much power in that 😊 Be proud of yourself, I am proud of you.


A Sunset I Needed

A sunset is a beautiful thing – there is no denying that; however there is one aspect of a sunset I want to bring to your attention: it forces you to be present. I sat up here at Pincio with my journal to get some much needed thoughts onto my pages. I stopped and paused multiple times to admire Roma and all of her beauty. Rome is always so cinematic. In each direction I was granted the gift to watch the precious moments of others; walking through Villa Borghese, cuddling while the sun sets, playing with their dogs and in their case perhaps noticing me cozily sitting on the park bench scribbling into my journal… One day I will have all of that. 🧡


I got my ish together (well, I’m trying)

It has been pedal to the metal in regards to work since I’ve returned from Jordan 👩🏼‍💻  So some things have hit the back burner like my diet and my appearance… It’s not like I have let myself go, but I haven’t taken a conscious effort to 1) Eat meals at the proper times. 2) Include dark greens (which is necessary for my issues with iron). 3) Eat presently rather than beside my computer screen. And in regards to my appearance – yes I can look nice when I want to, but when I know my day consists of work – school – gym – work – sleep I have felt extra comfortable lately in my LuLu Lemon attire… The sun has decided to shine in Rome and I want to shine with it. I need to exude what I wish to attract into my life. ✨ Funny how we so easily slip in and out of patterns trying to find a balance… 😜 Here’s to everyone getting their ish together! 🌶 Spice it up for Summer!


Summer is Here!

Yes, spice it up for Summer! 🌶 Summer is here! 🌴 I know the first day of Summer isn’t actually until next month, but for some reason I feel like we haven’t had consistent sunshine in Rome since the Fall – SO to finally look at the weather forecast and see straight sun, WOW! 🙏🏼☀️ So grateful, joyed and excited! Summer is my favourite time of year. What about you? Any special plans for the next couple of months? 💫

xx Zo


One thought on “Five Things Friday: May 18

  1. Vorrei poterti fare una visita in Italia, bellisima! Sono impostato e fatto con la Scandinavia prima possibile. È questione di quando. La speranza si sente il supporto! Ti meriti il meglio!👍✋

    Le venti regioni in Italia sono fantastiche. La storia della costruzione di edifici è uno dei miei interessi speciali. Difficile trovare un posto migliore dove andare. Parti della storia istituzionale sono unici come la storia della musica e della letteratura. L’Italia è unica nel suo genere. La storia aziendale italiana è una delle più interessanti a causa dei leggendari designer di auto e moto. 🏎️ I marchi italiani sono molto interessanti. 🇮🇹 La storia canadese risale al quarto millennio aC, che è piuttosto interessante. Sto usando le scatole per rendermi la vita più facile.🐻🐺🐳🦈🍁

    Entrambe le buone routine e recupero efficiente sono sempre di primaria importanza. Ho recentemente fatto CTRL-ALT-DEL sulla mia vita.💓

    Caro Zoey, l’Italia ti merita! Stai permettendo completamente che accada.✌️👩‍🎓

    TLC, P ❤️🍓🥂