Five Things Friday: May 25

Hi Friends!

Today I am writing you from Porto, Portugal! 🇵🇹 I have just arrived so you will have to wait for pictures until next week 😉 but here are some highlights from the eternal city:


I took myself out

On Sunday I took myself out. As you know I have been making more and more of a conscious effort to live in the now and of course be what I wish to attract in this world ☀️ I had no place to be, but instead of starting off the day with work I decided to put myself together and take myself out for a frappè at Sant Eustacchio il Caffe. After that I took a beautiful walk around the city 🌸 Actively taking the time to pursue living in the now can do wonders for your productivity 📈


Rising & Shining

Since being back from my amazing trip to Jordan as mentioned last week it’s been petal to the metal with time management and projects 👩🏼‍💻 As you may know if you checked out my recent Morning Routine video on YouTube I normally start my day between 5-6 AM. I have been plugging into Blinkist to help motivate me to be productive and make positive choices throughout the day and one book I want to take the time to recommend to you is The Miracle Morning. In less than 15 minutes I promise you will be inspired to start your day early and excited about it! Don’t believe me? Blinkist is offering my friends a 7-day free trial, try it out here: *Special thanks to Blinkist for sponsoring today’s post.


Castel Sant’Angelo

Did you know Rome has a castle? 🏰 On Tuesday my amazing friend Elyssa (from Romewise) invited me to check out Castel Sant’Angelo. This was my first time visiting the castle and I already can’t wait to go back. Castel Sant’Angelo is also known as Hadrian’s Mausoleum and was constructed in 135 AD! Always, always, always my mind is continually blown by the history of the Roman Empire. Inside is beautiful and if you wish to see more you can check out my Instagram highlights 🤳🏼 This photo above was taken by Elyssa in the castle bar where I highly recommend you stop for an Aperitivo after your tour. 🍹😊


Billion Baby Turtles

This week I launched my first fundraising campaign for baby sea turtle hatchlings 🐢 6 out of 7 species of sea turtles are endangered and only 1/10 hatchlings survive ❗️ These facts are both shocking and upsetting, which is why I have partnered with SEE Turtles to raise money for their Billion Baby Turtles project. For every dollar raised up to 5 hatchlings can be saved. I have created tee shirts, tank tops and tote bags where all of the proceeds will go towards Billion Baby Turtles. If merchandise isn’t your thing you can also donate to the cause via GoFundMe. Please consider taking the time to donate in some way or become more aware 👁 For additional information you can check out my YouTube video.


Salute Summer

As I mentioned last week Summer has arrived here in Rome, regardless of what the calendar says 📆 The sun is out and the adventures have begun! ☀️ This week my best friend Aaron arrived from Canada and I am currently writing you from Porto, Portugal with a fun group of friends! 🤗 Although the sun isn’t out in Porto at the moment I feel like I am surrounded by it anyways. Good people = good vibes 💛

xx Zo


One thought on “Five Things Friday: May 25

  1. Cara, voglio venire a Roma e leggere il Corriere della Sera con te. L’italiano è una lingua molto interessante! 📰

    Non ero a conoscenza del problema con le tartarughe marine finché non ho iniziato a pianificare una casa con vista sull’oceano. Può essere facilmente risolto. C’è l’illuminazione sicura delle tartarughe. Animali fantastici! Sono vecchi come 110 milioni di anni. Gli uccelli sono circa 125 milioni di anni. 🐢🐦

    Anche a me bisogno di ripulire il mio atto. Sarà chiarito molto presto. ✌️👍

    In attesa del quarto libro. Orgoglioso di te! 📙✋

    Zoom, boom, bloom, and groom!😍
    TLC, P