Five Things Friday: June 8

Hi Friends,

Today I am writing you from the Amalfi Coast in Italy! 😍 One of my very favourite places in the world. It has been an amazing week in the eternal city and on the coast so here are the highlights:

Cruising into the Sunset

On Friday night Rodelio was in town! He manifested a beautiful luxury convertible and picked us up for dinner in it! 🤩 What an exciting surprise. We were all smiles and you can see more on my Instagram highlights. We cruised around Roma, up to Gianicolo and absorbed all of the golden light and views. After that was dinner at his restaurant “Me Geisha” – I’ve shown this stunning restaurant off in a previous video, you can check it out here. The night was full of conversations all about the greatest mystery and blessing of life. 💫


New Views

Trust Romewise to take you to the most epic rooftops of Rome – Elyssa sure knows her stuff! When it comes to memorable last minute get-togethers this Aperitivo has bumped it’s way to the top of my list. This beautiful view of the city and the Pantheon can be found at the The Pantheon Iconic Hotel in Rome. I know I will return here for another Aperitivo (or two 😋) this Summer ☀️



First of all, how scary is this building!? Thankfully my appointment for my Permesso and VISA extension wasn’t that scary thanks to Sof! 😊 Sofie took me to my appointment on Monday morning to help me with my documents and translation, I don’t know what I would have done without her and I am so grateful.  I am staying in Italy 🇮🇹  I have paid tuition for the next year of Italian classes so I have been able to extend my student visa 😄🎉


BC’s Finest

LOOK WHO IT IS!!! On Wednesday I was so lucky to have Alicia and Mikaela arrive from British Columbia. These two girls have been my best friends since University times and they never cease to amaze me! Having them here feels like home isn’t so far away. Thank you for your amazing friendship that lasts through years and miles 💛 Can’t wait for all of the adventures that await us here in Italia! 😊


Costiera Amalfitana

There is no place in the world I feel more infinite than the Amalfi Coast. There’s just something so magical about this special part of Italy… maybe it’s because this is where I fell in love with Italy to a whole new level last year, so much so – I decided to do whatever I could to stay. And this is what I have done. Italia ti amo e spero che tu ami anche me. ❤️

xx Zo

PS: if you didn’t know last week I mentioned I launched a fundraising campaign to support BILLION BABY TURTLES. There is merchandise available in the form of shirts and totes and if merch isn’t your thing there is a GoFundMe page 🤗 $1 can save up to 5 hatchlings!🐢 Get involved!


2 thoughts on “Five Things Friday: June 8

  1. Grazie per essere te, Zoey! Raramente voglio avere conversazioni con le persone, ma nel tuo caso, lo faccio davvero. Io sono tutto ascolto e di apprendimento. Non ho dubbi che tutto ciò che sei determinato a raggiungere diventerà una realtà molto presto. Voglio contribuire. Attualmente sto cercando fondi per assumerti come mio allenatore di stile di vita. Voglio guadagnarmi da vivere come videografo e scrittore. Ho bisogno di pazienza e fede. 💛👍

    Sono incredibilmente felice per il visto da studente! Ero preoccupato in termini di commenti in un’altra lingua rispetto all’italiano. L’Italia ti ama senza alcun dubbio! 🇮🇹💖♐🔁

    Recentemente ho appreso che Firenze è il posto ideale per mezza estate. Durante l’estate, porto in su non sempre sane abitudini in termini di gelato, frutti di bosco e alcol. D’altra parte non apprezzo le torte zuccherine e simili. Il gelato svedese è estremamente ricco di zucchero. 🍑🍌🍍🍉🍒🍹

    Voglio provare il gelato vegano? 🍦 Come Ben & Jerry, Oatly ecc. !? Attualmente sto mangiando il gelato con rum e simili. In estate mi rivolgo sempre alle fragole con lo spumante. Ho un vantaggio in termini di offerta moltiplicata. Un buon Prosecco è davvero facile da trovare. 🍓🎂🥂

    Loom, zoom, boom, bloom, and groom! 😍✌️💰🌸🤵
    Molti abbracci! 👐🤗
    TLC, P 💌❤️