Five Things Friday: July 6

Buongiorno Amici,

I hope you have all had a wonderful week. Here are some reflections from mine 💛


On Friday night I had a catch up with Gaby! It was recently our Friendsaversary (yes this is a thing! 🎉) so I want to express my gratitude for this very special friendship. Gaby and I met on a little island called Ibiza 🌴- have you heard of it? 😜 I was so close to not going to Ibiza… the day of my flight I found myself running down the streets of Barcelona; sweaty, hungover and stressed-the-eff-out. However, somehow I got my messy self to the airport an hour before my flight and thank goodness I did! Gaby and I clicked the first day we met, but over the past year she has turned from a friend to a sister. From bottomless inspirational life chats to boochcraft in California to #Grande adventures in Roma this girl had become family ❤️ thank you for blessing my life sunshine! 🤗☀️


A GRANDE Victory!

Friends!!!! You see this above!? 😄 This is my permesso (a temporary one until I pick up the real deal in a few weeks, but still a PERMESSO) this means I AM ALLOWED TO STAY IN ITALY. If you’ve been following me for a while you know how much this means to me. Italy is my dream, the place in the world where I feel the most myself and the place which grants me infinite inspiration 💛 I am so grateful. Here’s to a lifetime (because I’m Manifesting it) in my home, Rome! 🇮🇹


SPA Time Celebrations!

This special date at the spa with Sofie was to celebrate her upcoming wedding (yay Sof! 👰🏻) and to thank her for all of her generosity in the process of staying in Italy. I truly would not have been able to stay in Italy if it wasn’t for my beautiful friend and her kindness. Grazie mille Sofie, you have changed my life, not only by this, but by being a true friend 💛


Parco dei Principi

Although it was hard to smile and be present this evening (you will find out in my next mention 😔) I was captivated by Rome’s eternal beauty. I had the pleasure to attend the Summer Party at Parco dei Principi. As you can see here or on my Instagram highlights it was a stunning event and I am so grateful to have been in attendance. Roma, I can’t wait to continue to fall in love with you for the rest of my life! Thank you for giving me inspiration, love, abundance and most of all a life truly lived.


Not a Highlight

All of the the #FiveThingsFriday are always highlights and/or positive reflections I have had through my week, however I have something to mention today that isn’t a positive. The world lost 3 incredibly bright lights this past week in Canada. Rest in Peace Ryker, Alexey and Mindy. I am still in shock over the loss, trying to process why this had to happen, but there are many things in this life we will never be able to make sense of. This will be another on that list…

My darkest, yet most transformational year was the year I wrote about in Beauty in the Breakdown. If you haven’t read it, it showcases a year of my life from getting out of an abusive, toxic relationship to finally pursuing my life-long dream of moving to Rome, Italy. Both Ryker and Alexey played a huge roll in this dream of mine becoming a reality. Through their channel and their kindness I was able to paint a new road ahead of myself… One with travel, insatiable curiosity and an extreme lust for life. Times were dark and uncertain and they sparked a new light. When I put in my two weeks notice at my corporate job they were the first people I wrote. I know that if they had this type of impact on my life there are so many more deeply affected by what has happened. My thoughts and my prayers go out to all of you ❤️🙏🏼

Rest In Peace Ryker, Alexey and Mindy.

Thank you for living your lives to the fullest as a beautiful reminder for all of us to do the same. May no day ever be taken for granted.

xx Zo


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