Five Things Friday: July 20

Hi Friends!

It’s been another beautiful week in Croatia 🇭🇷 Here are the highlights 🤗


This is my beautiful friend Michelle and her daughter Iva! Finally we got to meet up in Europe after years of talking about it (even before I made the move over here myself 😋). We had great times together relaxing in Croatia and of course watching the game! 🙌🏽 What an experience!


Drone Pilots 🚁

This is my little drone pilot Livija 💛 She is definitely one of the highlights of my week! Sometimes we all need to be a kid again and as I mentioned last week this was also a theme. After the devastating loss of my friends just prior to leaving for Croatia I told myself this trip is going to be all about living in the moment, exploring and finding imagination, creativity and play again. Thank you to little Livija for really reminding me what it means to be a kid again 😊



Brinje is a beautiful town about half hour in from the Coast in Northern Croatia 🇭🇷 It was a long bus ride up the coast and inland after getting off the MedSailors boat in Split, but so worth it! The nature, the tranquility and of course the quality time spent with amazing people made this a highlight of my trip and overall time in Croatia 😊🧡 If you’re looking for a relaxing place to be in nature, Brinje is it! I slept better here than I have in months 🌿☀️


World Cup Celebrations

I returned to Split from Brinje late afternoon on Tuesday and these were the sights! 💥 The city was still in high spirits celebrating Croatia’s second placement in the World Cup! ⚽️🎉 You can see there is so much pride in this photo – the atmosphere was incredible. I am happy I got to experience this accomplishment for the Croatia and take in the sights, sounds and energy. 😄🇭🇷


Two Nights in Split

I spent two nights in Split by myself this week before boarding my flight back to Rome 🇮🇹 (yesterday evening). This was just what I needed 😊 As you know I am very comfortable with solo travel. I find it very rewarding, reflective and relaxing. If you have not yet visited Split it is a very special place built up and around an ancient Roman Palace – you feel transported in time 🏰 I can’t wait to share my travel diaries with you from my trip ☀️ I am excited to dive into inspiring editing mode this weekend 🙌🏽 More YouTube content from me very soon!

xx Zo