Five Things Friday: Aug 17

Hi Friends,

It’s been a beautiful week in Croatia 🇭🇷 Here are the highlights 😊:


I found heaven on earth: it is called Lokram. This is an island just off of Dubrovnik which you can get to in only 10 minutes! ⛵️ This island is definitely the most magical island I have ever visited: castles, peacocks, bunnies, stunning views and so much nature! 🌿 You are only able to visit this island for the day as it is closed to the public by night. I definitely can’t wait to return as one day was simply not enough ✨

Craft Beer & Canadians

On Saturday we visited Dubrovnik Beer Company! 🍻 The week hovered around 35 degrees so there was nothing more refreshing than some delicious craft beer! 🍺 We ended up meeting some awesome Canadians from Vancouver who sat at the bar with us 🇨🇦 I love meeting new friends!

Bungee Jumping!

On Sunday I faced my worst fear: heights/falling/BUNGEE JUMPING! 😱 You can watch my jump on Instagram. I never, ever, EVER thought I would bungee jump (and I’m pretty positive I have mentioned this is more than a few YouTube videos), but you know what!? I did it! Because as I have come to realize: fear is an illusion. It only has as much power as you decide to give it. So, as it goes, “Nothin to fear, but fear itself.” 😊

Sunset Jetski

My favourite sunset in Croatia was this evening on the jet skis 🧡 It was an extremely adventurous day from off-reading to zip-lining to parasailing then to jet skiing, but this was by far the highlight of the day and the trip 🇭🇷 The water was soft and so beautifully coloured, perfect for cruising and planting big dreams 🙏🏼 There’s just something about the sea for me that makes me believe anything is possible ✨

Sea Kayaking Along Castle Walls

On our last evening in Croatia Anastasiya and I went on a sunset kayak tour 🌅 We kayaked around the old castle walls 🏰 and along our favourite island Lokram! 🌿 Dubrovnik has quickly made it’s way to my Top 5 Cities list! What are yours? 😊

xx Zo

* this recent trip to Croatia was paid for by Dubrovnik Secrets.