Five Things Friday: September 21

Ciao Amici 😊

I hope you’ve had a wonderful week. Today I write you from Firenze… it has been an amazing week from Lazio to Toscana. Here are the highlights:

Whenever one door closes…

Another one opens. This has proven to be a beautiful theme for my life this week. I snapped this photo on my way to a Shiatsu appointment. I love walking in Rome – no matter where you are going to always wind up pleasantly surprised wether it’s peering through an open door, spying on a lush terrazza or just people watching through the streets. Every corner of Roma is beautiful.❤️


Rome Bloggers

Thank you so much to everyone who came out for the Rome Bloggers event at The Yellow on Wednesday! 😄 It was so great to meet you and hear all about your journeys and aspirations. Best of luck to you all 🍀


Meeting Lorenzo!

On Thursday I finally got to meet Lorenzo! Lorenzo has been a subscriber and Patreon of mine for a long time now and soon he will be starting a new, inspirational chapter in Switzerland 😊 We had an amazing vegan lunch at Brac in Firenze to celebrate friendship and new beginnings! ✨


Gusta Pizza

Of course, I couldn’t visit Firenze without having a Gusta Pizza – perhaps my favorite in all of Italy 😉👌🏽 I always get the Gusta, senza formaggio con basilico – and I highly, highly recommend it. ❤️


Let your heart lead you…

My heart led me here back to Firenze. I have a “to see” list to he ground of places I still need to get to in Italy, however a special piece of me will always find comfort and inspiration in returning back to Tuscany. 💛 If you remember, the majority of my trips here have been solo and from each one of those adventures I’ve learned so much about myself. I have already done a lot of reflecting and *manifesting* ✨I’m looking forward to this weekend’s gifts. It’s so wonderful this thing called life ☀️

xx Zo