Five Things Friday: November 23

Hola Amigos!

It’s been another incredible week here with my family in the Dominican Republic, wow this place is beautiful! 😍 I am excited to share my highlights with you:

Mornings in the SUN ☀️

Sunshine does so much for us. Each morning I have been enjoying my espresso (yes, I’m back on the caffeine) on the beach ☕️ This has been my thinking/meditation time and it has served to be so beneficial for me. Big changes are on the horizon and this quiet time on the beach has allowed me to sift through my thoughts and create the best action plan I can for 2019. ✨


Saona Island

No filter. I still can’t believe this place exists. This photo does no justice, but I created an Instagram highlight that does a better job 😋 Isla Saona is in my top 3 of most beautiful places I have ever experienced. Fun fact: they filmed Pirates of the Caribbean here 🌴


Mexican Food

This week we discovered the best restaurant in Punta Cana: Pestrata Punta Cana. It was so delicious I made my family eat here two nights in a row 😝 They happily tended to my every vegan need and in turn I got some of the best authentic Mexican tacos I have ever had in my life! 😍


Isla Catalina

This week we also discovered another island, “Isla Catalina.” My heart was stolen yet again by the beautiful blue waters and white sands. Paradise definitely exists in the Caribbean 🌴☀️


Life After Ayahuasca

This week I completed my Ayahuasca series on YouTube. This was by far the most vulnerable I have ever been on the internet 👩🏼‍💻The amount of love I received because of this – in the form of comments, emails, reach-outs has filled my heart beyond belief 💛 thank you for restoring my faith in the online world (as I expressed at the beginning of the series I have been feeling disconnected from it). I promise I’ll be back better than ever as life after Ayahuasca and Rythmia has been better than I could have ever imagined. 🌎✨

xx Zo

PS – I’ve had some technical difficulties while being away so I’ve had to take a pause on Zovember. When I return back to Canada I will post more videos 😊