Five Things Friday: January 19th

Hi Friends!

Each Friday I am now going to be writing about five of my favourite things & moments from the week. I hope you enjoy it 🙂

My Friend Mikaela

If you had been following along on my adventures on Instagram you would have known it was quite the journey from Nanaimo, Vancouver Island, British Columbia to Toronto, Ontario. My amazing friend Mikaela was there for me every step of the way, from waking up with me at 3:30am to call the airline when my flight was cancelled, driving me to-and-from the airport multiple times when my flights were cancelled multiple times, listening and responding to my rambling, emotional voicenotes and even bringing snacks! This girl deserves the world and I am so grateful to have her as one of my best friends in this life.


Arriving in Toronto: The Pursuit of Italy

So I finally made it to Toronto! I have had a great time settling back in (for a little while) with my amazing friends Steph and Dan, you may remember them from our adventures in Cinque Terre or Tuscany. This trip marks the middle ground for heading back to Italy; I have also officially handed in my VISA application to return back to Roma. SO many emotions, but at least, now it is in the Universe’s hands, not mine! Wish me luck 🙂


The Joy of Minimalism: A Beginner’s Guide to Happiness with Less

My third book hit shelves this week on January 15th! The Joy of Minimalism: A Beginner’s Guide to Happiness with Less is all about simplifying your life and making room for what truly matters. Of course there is step-by-step guide and tools to physically decluttering, but there is also a large focus on using the concept of minimalism to follow your truest passions in life. You can find this book as various bookstores around North America such as Chapters, Indigo and Barnes & Noble. You can also, of course, purchase it on Amazon. Happy reading 🙂


My New Red Coat

Some parts of me actually missed the cold in Toronto… Well, only until I walked through a wind tunnel! Fortunately I manifested myself the perfect coat: red (my colour), Vegan (my belief) and chic (my style). I found this coat at Le Chateau and although it is a french store I felt this coat will fit perfectly into my “grande futuro.” What do you think?



Surfset Circuit with Nicole

Last night (Thursday) I attended a Surfset class! The theme of this class was circuit training and it was so much fun! I used to attend Surfset classes when I lived in Toronto so I was happy to return for a fun and challenging workout. I brought my friend Nicole for her first time and she loved it too! So nice catching up with her and now I am puppy-sitting her little bundle of joy 🙂


Have a good weekend everyone!

xx Zo


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