Five Things Friday: March 15, 2019

Hi Friends!

I hope you’ve all had a fantastic week! Here are my updates from Canada 😊


Spa Day

What better way to get over jet-lag than to visit the Spa? 😛 Meika (my stepmom) and I planned a fun day of visiting the Rock & Gem show, a sushi lunch, facials at the spa and spontaneously, we added an Italian dinner to the mix! 🇮🇹 It was the perfect day and full of lots of quality time. If you ever find yourself on Vancouver Island the Tigh Na Mara is one of the best spas – be sure to get the “Illuminating Facial,” you won’t be disappointed. 🧖🏼‍♀️



Meika and I went for a hike on Sunday to a beautiful lookout over my hometown 🏔 There was a lot of snow up the mountain so this made for an event greater adventure than we planned for 😝but overall it was a great day, full of fresh air and views.



Birthday Time!

This week we are celebrating two very special birthdays in my family 🥳 It is my Dad’s birthday and also my Bedstemor’s 90th Birthday! This weekend we are heading over to Vancouver as a family (18 of us!) for a fun weekend. To check out the highlights, follow me on Instagram!


Ski Day

On Wednesday my Dad and I went skiing up Mount Washington to celebrate his birthday! 🥳 The conditions were incredible ☀️ I’ve been coming up this mountain since I was a little girl – it’s where I originally learned to ski and snowboard ⛷ I’ve missed skiing so much so I’m glad we made time for this!


Beautiful BC

I am truly grateful to have settled back into my original home for the past week. It’s been a breath of fresh air, literally 😛The transition of moving from Rome back to Canada has gone smoother than expected. I’m feeling very excited about what is to come! I’ll of course keep you updated. 😉

xx Zo


Five Things Friday: November 30

Hi Friends,

It’s been a beautiful and very fulfilling week for me from the Caribbean back home to Canada 🇨🇦 Here are the highlights:

Goodbye Caribbean! ☀️

On Sunday we said good-bye to Punta Cana (you can watch the Travel Diary here) 🌴 It was a wonderful holiday and I am so grateful to have had such special quality time with my family after not seeing them for almost a year. I think we need to do this trip every year! 😋


Dinner with my little brother

On Wednesday night we had dinner with my little brother Drake! We first went to check out his new condo (which is gorgeous, well done bro! 👏🏼) then we went to one of my favourite restaurants in Nanaimo: Firehouse Grill. They have some amazing veggie sushi options btw 😊🌱


Goddess Provisions Box

This week I inboxed an amazing package from Goddess Provisions! I filmed the unboxing in my latest Zoey’s Diary video if you wish to see more 😉 Basically this box was a self/care paradise! Goddess Provisions is actually a monthly subscription and I am looking forward to unboxing more in the future! This could be an excellent Christmas gift idea 👍🏼


Hometown Feels

How beautiful is my Bedstemor’s Christmas tree!? 😍 It is always my favourite Christmas tree because it is full of family memories. I wish I could be with my family this Christmas 😔 but I am happy to report I still got to experience some of the magic while I was here! 🎄



Cards with Bedstemor

I’ve been having coffee and playing cards with my Bedstemor every day this week and my heart is so full ❤️ I’ve missed her so much. I’ll be back soon.

xx Zo

Arc Apparel: Try Something New

Arc Apparel: Try Something New

How beautiful is that scarf? I originally wanted to add is to my Wish List until I found out how much love was actually put into these Arc Apparel designs by my friend Ashley and her fiancé Anthony that I knew they needed a dedicated post.


I asked Ash (who was my very first friend and University by the way) to give me her story to share:

I basically just decided to teach myself how to crochet off of YouTube a couple months ago to try something new. I’ve always enjoyed playing around with creativity, and thought crocheting would be a fun way to pass time. I didn’t have any intention of designing or selling any of my pieces, but to simply start a hobby and create attire that I’d like to wear. While creating scarves, I chose to work with colours, materials and accents that represent Vancouver Island and the outdoors. I had troubles finding unique buttons in stores, so I asked Anthony to help me make some! So he sawed down the (Douglas Fir, Alder, Arbutus) trees for me, cut them, drilled holes, and we sanded and stained them. I think the buttons are what sets my scarfs aside from others, because every button is different and has a unique design/bark to it. Like I had mentioned, I didn’t intend on selling anything, but just to make items for myself, family and friends as gifts. Every time I wore one of my scarves out I would receive compliments and i’d get asked where to buy them. I am always surprised and very happy when people give me positive feedback, and it’s greatly appreciated. I decided to start selling them largely because of all the feedback, but was also encouraged to do so to help me save up for school (that starts in January) and my wedding (April 25th). All the earnings I make from my Etsy account go in to a separate bank account that is specifically for school/wedding expenses.

Way to go Ash – this is all too impressive! It’s so important to set goals and at the end of the day be so passionate about what you do. These designs live and breath the West Coast (I can’t believe even the buttons are hand made!).


As for future goals Ash hopes to continue making designs throughout the year to help support her through school and her wedding (as mentioned above). Ideally, she would like to start selling her apparel to clothing stores such as Sitka and local shops to build her customer base through Etsy.

Follow Arc Apparel on Instagram: @ArcApparelVanIsle
& Get yours today on Etsy (hint, hint, Christmas time)

Xo Zo

Photo Credit @ Simply B Images