Five Things Friday: December 28

Happy Holidays Friends!

It’s been a beautiful week celebrating Christmas in Denmark with my family ❤️


Have you ever tried them!? They are absolutely delicious and very nostalgic for me as my Bedstemor would make them for us as children 🧒🏼👧🏼


Poulsen Family!

My cousins!!!! Vivi, Mikkel & Brian 😄 I have had such a wonderful week with them. I can’t believe how grown up we are now… I first met them when I was 10 years old! They came to visit Canada 🇨🇦 & we had such a memorable Summer together. I am so happy I have had the chance to visit them, more so that I have been living on this side of the pond ❤️


Christmas Walk

It is tradition that on Christmas in Denmark we take a family walk 😊 My family lives on a beautiful farm full of rolling green hills and forest 🌲🍂 The air here was so fresh and crisp and I am so grateful to have spent this quality time in nature with loved ones ❤️


My Brothers

These are my silly brothers Cale and Drake 😋 We had a fun little FaceTime on Christmas where we discussed Drake and my cousin Kole’s shenanigans from the night before Christmas! 🎄😝 They’re funny. I can’t wait to spend more time with them again very soon!


Homa in Roma

Yesterday I arrived back home in Rome to this stunning tree! 🎄✨ Well done Nanuchka 🤗 We decorated the tree with my Danish candles in the evening and wow, look how beautiful it was! 🕯 I’m not ready to say goodbye to Christmas just yet! 🙊 How about you?

xx Zo



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In this video I discuss Santa Claus… Be cautious of little ones around 🙂 hence the “14A”

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1. What is Your Favourite Christmas Film?
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5. Do you open any presents on Christmas eve?
6. Can you name all of Santa’s reindeers?
7. What holiday traditions are you looking forward most to this year?
8. Is your Christmas tree real or fake?
9. What would be your dream place to visit in the Christmas season?
10. Are you a good or bad present wrapper?
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12. What makes your holidays special?

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Holiday PAPYRUS Haul! | Inspiration

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As you know I am a HUGE fan of Papyrus cards and card-giving in general! I hope I inspired you to brighten some days this holiday season 🙂


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DIY: ReinBeers

DIY: ReinBeers

Happy Holidays!

If you’re like me this is one of the most wonderful times of the year because it gives you a solid excuse to watch all those Christmas movies you secretly watch all year round…

Reinbeers are one of my favourite holiday crafts to make. They are adorable gifts and very impressive! This year I got my boss for the office’s Secret Santa and found out he was a fan of Stella Artois so off to the craft store I went… Aka Dollarama (you can seriously get everything there!).

photo 1 (1)
Including glue guns! $3.50

I also picked up the other craft supplies needed to craft these guys. By the way you don’t need to be Martha Stewart to make these, it took me a total of 45 minutes and it was super fun!

photo 2 (1)

Here’s what you’ll need: brown fabric or felt, pipe cleaners for antlers, googly eyes for eyes and fuzz balls for noses (don’t forget a red one!)

photo 5

Cut the fabric in long strips to fit around the top of the beer bottle. Once you’ve glued this on, let it dry and add the features: antlers, eyes and noses. This guy was my favourite because I accidentally ran out of small googly eyes:

photo 1

Once you’re finished place all of your little reinbeers back into their sleigh and away you go!

photo 2

Feel free to email me if you have any questions:

Good luck :),

Xo Zo

My 5 Favourite Healthy Snacks

Chocolate Banana Faux-yo
Chocolate Banana Faux-yo

I’ve decided to share a few of my favourite healthy snacks which definitely help me curb my cravings on a daily basis. The most wonderful time of the year (and also the most fattening) is around the corner so hopefully this will help keep you in line!

Turkish Figs & Cheddar Cheese

This is one of my favourite snacks. It’s sweet and savoury… The figs have good dietary fibre and the cheese has protein, the perfect combo! Sometimes I switch it up and have dates instead of figs, both are delicious. I buy the individually packaged cheese portions at the grocery store because they are easy to pack for lunches and prevent over-eating.

Greek Yogurt

I love greek yogurt. It’s pretty much froyo and often does the trick on curbing my ice cream cravings. My favourite flavours are coconut and vanilla. I buy them in portions rather than in tubs to keep my portion size correct… Thing about greek yogurt is it is so delicious you may wind up eating the whole tub, then having the hugest stomach ache ever because 1.) it’s dairy 2.) it’s very high in protein. I often add regular oats, chia seeds, flax seeds, hemp seeds or berries for added protein and fibre.

Chocolate Banana Faux-Yo

This is one of my favourite desserts (sometimes I even eat it for breakfast!) It’s super easy… All you have to do is chop up and freeze bananas, add almond milk, cocoa, a small handful of oats and blend it up! The consistency will be identical to froyo and it also tastes amazing too! I often top it with cocoa nibs or hemp seeds.

Salt & Pepper Cucumbers

Yum, yum, yumm! This is the most refreshing snack! I go easy on the salt and heavy on the pepper.

Celery & Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is the closest I will get to nuts. The problem with me having nuts in the house is easy snacking on what I call domino foods. Domino foods are high in calories and easy to eat meaning you can exceed portion recommendations by a long shot. For example, the proper portion size for almonds is 23 almonds (this is 1/4 cup or the size of a shot glass). The celery and peanut butter combination is great because it is protein, fibre and greens!

I hope this helps brighten your lunches & curb your cravings!

Xo Zo

Wish List

Wish List

On account of the holidays and the fact that girls will be girls and are always wishing for more things here are a few finds on my list…

1. Mindy Kaling’s newest book:


Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns)… I recently fell in love with Mindy’s show, The Mindy Project. She is by far the most hilarious female I have ever seen (wish I could say met)… Because who wouldn’t want to hang out with Mindy? She says all the things girls are thinking out loud, plus she serial dates, has great style and also has a hilarious cast of characters make her show bomb. I’m not gonna lie when I first discovered the show I may have dedicated a straight 8 hours to it…

2. Stella & Dot Rebel Pendant in Gold:

julianne_hough_rebel_pendant_lgThis pendant is gorgeous! It also comes in rose gold and silver, but for some reason I’m all about gold during the holidays. The Rebel Pendant is the perfect addition to dress up any outfit and even double up with another. I’m warning you though if you wander off to Stella & Dot you’re about to use up at least an hour of your life building a shopping cart.

3. Cards Against Humanity:


This game is hilarious. If you’ve never played just go ahead and buy the game anyways. It’s the perfect drinking game which means it is perfect for the holidays! If you already have this game or just want to have more fun you can buy expansion packs in all different categories.

4. Vestige Lipstick Holder from Anthropologie:


This is an online exclusive so I suggest you get yours soon before they all sell out. They’re too lovely with a gorgeous antique finish. They’re also handmade of brass to lend sophistication and glamour to any vanity space or dresser.

5. Celebration Champagne Glasses in Gold:


Lastly, because everyone loves to “Cheers!” over the holidays here are some beautiful champagne glasses from Indigo. For less than $40.00 this set is the perfect gift… Especially accompanied with a bottle of champagne! So celebrate!

I hope you enjoyed this post and maybe even got some ideas for your holiday gifts! Feel free to comment below…

Xo Zo